Grape-strawberry fruit drink 0,5 L


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Grape-wild strawberry fruit drinks are most popular beverages among adults and kids thanks to original taste and obvious health healing quality. Besides, it’s an extraordinary healthy beverage because the fruit drinks contain organic acids, fibers, pectin, tannins, nitrogenous organic, ironic salts, phosphorous, calcium, Vitamin B, carotin, ascorbic acid, folic acid. Grape-wild strawberry fruit drinks are well known to improve digestion, quenching thirst. Grape-wild strawberry fruit drinks are good remedies to treat anemia.

The product is bottled using the hot fill-in method, without preservatives and dyes. Does not contain GMO.

Contents: grape juice and wild strawberry puree from direct extraction, concentrated strawberry juice, sugar, acidity regulator (lemon acid), natural flavors «Strawberry», «Red grape», «Wild Strawberry», water. Minimum volume fraction of juice is 15%.

The nutrition value in 100 g of product: carbohydrates – 9 g. Energy value – 150 kJ/35 kcal.

Shake before use.

Shelf life is 18 months since the date of production.

Date of production and expiry date, number of batch (date, month and year) are stated on the bottle.

Volume 0.5 L