Cranberry-lingonberry fruit drink


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We are introducing to you the favorite flavors of fruit drinks, nectars and syrups in new, very convenient, light and sealed packaging with tightly sealed lids. Thanks to all the benefits of the packaging, the favorite drink can be easily taken with you to a road trip, to work and school.

The new line is created especially for strengthening your immunity, saturating of vitamins, increasing your toning and bettering your mood.

The products of this line are sources of natural antioxidants, vitamins and microelements, bottled using the hot fill-in method and do not contain preservatives or dyes, as well as GMO.

For the making of our products, the juice and drink factory uses wild berries from ecologically clean areas of Karelia, Pskov, Volgorod, Novgorod areas.

Pasteurization using the sparing method ensures the keeping of natural vitamins and microelements..

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