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Sales department - Shuba Andrej Alekseevich - commercial director
Sales department - Elena Kotova - manager (St. Petersburg)
Sales department -Mukhin Yuri Lvovich- manager (Pskov)

More than 20 years of experience in beverages production

  • Only best selected berries are from forests and gardens in Karelia, Pskov and Novgorod areas in Russia.
  • The company ensures gentle handling and processing of berry fruits in order to preserve vitamins and biological medicinal properties in the berries.
  • Can restore a right vitamin balance of your body.
  • Good supplement for kids food from 3 years old.

Order office

St. Petersburg, Petrovskay nabereznay, building #4 (entrance from the yard)
Limited Liability Company “Globe Juice”
PO Box 182330 Russia, Pskov region, town Opochka, Romanenko street, building #38A
Open Joint-stock company ”Healthy food”
PO Box 188653, Russia, Leningrad region, Vsevolskiy area, village Vartemyagi, Smolninskay Street, building #2

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