Grape-apple nectar 3 L


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  • An elixir of health and longevity>
  • Made from best quality of mature grape and ripe apples from direct extraction technology
  • The nectar are distinguished by beautiful color, freshness and flavor

The nectar with pulp from direct extraction

Minimum volume fraction of juice in the nectar is 50%

The beneficial properties of grape and apple juice perfectly combined with each other give pleasant, refreshing taste, quench thirst, and the complex of healthy properties of organic, alive, natural vitamins fill you with energy. They provide priceless help in sustaining the immune system, strong health, tone body and great mood.

The product bottled using the hot fill-in method. No preservatives, no dyes.

Does not contain GMO

Content: grape juice from direct extraction, apple juice from direct extraction, sugar, acidity regulator (lemon acid), water.

The nutrition value in 100 g of product: carbohydrates – 12 g. Energy value – 200 kJ/50 kcal.

Store at temperatures from 0 to + 25 C, relative humidity 75%. To keep away from direct sunlight. The nectar may precipitate sediment in the form of pulp after long storage. Shake before use. After opening store at a temperature from +2 to + 6 С for no more than 3 days.

Shelf life is 12 months from the date of production.

Gross weight 3.3 kg

Volume – one 3L package

GOST 32104-2013