natural juices, fruit drinks and nectars with pulp from manufacturer

from natural berries, without dyes, without preservatives

innovative product in 2017-2018

products marked with gold awards from exhibition “PRODEXPRO”

New product

Line of fruit drinks, nectars and syrups in doypack
  • safety
  • ease of use
  • flexibility and plasticity
  • convenience of storing and transporting
  • does not let through the smells, sun rays and moisture
  • durable multi-layer material

High quality

direct extraction

Wild berries from ecologically clean areas of Russia are used for the production
The bottling is carried out using the hot fill-in method under temperature 92ºC into glass bottles and is forcibly cooled down.
Long shelf life without preservative and sterilization (nectars – 2 years, fruits juices – 1 year).
Pasteurization is carried out using a sparing method that allows the preservation of natural vitamins, minerals and microelements.

Partnership with companies

Our company is a manufacturer and supplier of natural juices, fruit drinks and nectars with pulp using direct extraction technology.

New product!

Natural grape,
made in Russia!

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