Production of private trading mark

Our company professionally does the bottling of private trading marks, such as juice products and water.

Full cycle of the production as follows:
  • blending
  • bottling
  • labeling
  • packaging
  • storing
  • delivery 

Wild berries from ecologically clean areas of Russia are used for the production
The bottling is carried out using the hot fill-in method under temperature 92ºC into glass bottles and is forcibly cooled down.
Long shelf life without preservative and sterilization (nectars – 2 years, fruits juices – 1 year).
Pasteurization is carried out using a sparing method that allows the preservation of natural vitamins, minerals and microelements.
We are the producers and suppliers of natural juices and nectars using the direct extraction technology. Production site of our company is located in the city of Opochka, Pskov area (Russia) and since 1993 it specializes in producing products of high quality made from fresh forest and garden berries and fruits.
During the time activity of the enterprise the production set has been created, that allows the release of a wide range of quality products – to carry out the production of juices using direct extraction (nectars and fruits drinks), juices, functional drinks with herbal infusions, ginseng, diabetic drinks, berry syrups and concentrates.
For the making of our products, the juice and drink factory uses wild berries from ecologically clean areas of Karelia, Pskov, Volgorod, Novgorod areas in Russia.
Our company does the production under its own trading mark “24 flavors”, as well as release the products of our partners Ltd “Lenta” fruit drinks and nectars trademark “Lenta”, for Ltd “Health from Nature” juice-containing, enriching drinks of trademark “Fitoguru”, Ltd “Rhythm 2000” fruit juices of trademark “Without Advertisements”. For the famous line of public catering “Teremok” we supply fruit juices made from cranberry and black current.
Technology of production of our own trading mark and the production for partner’s companies are perfectly identical. We thoroughly control the process of selection of raw materials and all the steps of making the juices, fruit drinks, nectars, so that the dining tables of our customers would get only the best products. The variety of flavors, packaging and the natural composition make our products always in demand.

TM "24 flavors"
TM "Fito guru"
"Babushka"s ferma"

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