Lingonberry nectar with pulp no sugar added

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New product – the fruit nectars with Stevia extracts without added sugar

Nectars are produced in accordance with Russian state standards (GOST 32104-2013)

For the production of the nectars, cold-pressed juices are used, that are obtained through the electronic cleaning of berries. /p>

Our fruit nectars do not contain dyes, flavorings or preservatives. Does not contain GMO. The company uses the hot filling method to bottle the juice products into ecological glass bottles, which allow for a longer shelf life, up to 2 years. The technology allows to keep vitamins & minerals of freshly pressed juices without preservatives.

The extract of the Stevia plant – steviol glycoside, is used as a sweetener.
Main benefits of the nectars are:

  • 100% natural
  • No calories

Thanks to Stevia extract, the nectars are calorie-free, tasty and healthy, made from popular and liked by everyone northern berries.

  • For daily use
  • Loss of excess body weight
  • For low calories diet
  • Dietetic nutrition
  • Helps to control diabetes