Lingonberry fruit drink

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The product is bottled using the hot fill-in method, without preservatives and dyes. Does not contain GMO.

Contents: lingonberry puree and lingonberry juice from direct extraction, concentrated cranberry juice, sugar, acidity regulator – lemon acid, water. Minimum volume fraction of juice is 15%.

The nutrition value in 100 g of product: carbohydrates – 10 g. Energy value – 170 kJ/40 kcal.

Lingonberry is good source of the amount of carotene – provitamin A and vitamin B2, contains vitamin B1, B9, E, C, PP, sugar, catechins, mineral salts, pectin and tannins substances, organic acids such as apple, lemon, vinegar, ant, sorrel. Lingonberry is great at helping during heart illnesses, leads to reduced levels of glucose in the blood, beneficial during neurosis, anemia, and intoxication. Has anti-inflammatory and diuretic action. The fruit drink is great at quenching thirst, helps at fighting against flu illnesses, strengthens and improves the mood.