Closed joint-stock company “Globe” is a healthy juice producer and provider of natural juices and nectars using direct extraction technology

Production site of our company is located in the city of Opochka, Pskov area (Russia) and since 1993 it specializes in producing products of high quality made from fresh forest and garden berries and fruits


During the time activity of the enterprise the production set has been created, that allows the release of a wide range of quality products – to carry out the production of juices using direct extraction (nectars and fruits drinks), juices, functional drinks with herbal infusions, ginseng, diabetic drinks, berry syrups and concentrates. The assortment of the company is always expanding, and its factories, that produce the juices, are considered one of the best in the market.

The products of the brand are:

  • maximum naturalness,
  • wonderful flavor,
  • benefit for the health of children and adults,
  • long shelf life,
  • guaranteed quality with control of all the production steps from the collection of raw material to the supply of the ready products.
For the making of our products, the juice and drink factory uses wild berries from ecologically clean areas of Karelia, Pskov, Volgorod, Novgorod areas. After cleaning, the berries are squished in a special made masher that prevents the juice from oxidation. Then, the juice is poured using the hot fill method (in the 92 degree Celsius temperature) into glass bottles and hermetically sealed, afterwards the process of cooling is carried out. Using this method, it is possible to reach the maximum shelf life (nectars for 2 years, fruit juices for 1 year) without preservatives and sterilization. Pasteurization is carried out using a sparing method that allows the preservation of natural vitamins, minerals and microelements.

Full cycle of production

process 01
process 02
process 03
process 04
process 05
process 06
process 07
process 08
process 09
process 10
process 11
process 12
process 13
process 14
process 15
process 16
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process 21
process 22
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process 24
process 25
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process 30
process 31
process 32
process 33
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Closed company “Globe” and trademark “24 flavors”

according to a large Russian and Eastern Europe international forum of food products – “Prodexpo”

A winner of the competition Innovative Product in 2017-2018

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